Sample AZW3 Files Download

AZW3 Amazon Kindle File Format

Is a file used for eBooks on Amazon Kindle devices. It is the predecessor to the AZW, which offers support for HTML5 and CSS3 unlike AZW3.

Below you will find a selection of sample .azw3 ebook files for you to download. On the right there are some details about the file such as its size so you can best decide which one will fit your needs.

Around the World in 28 Languages.azw3
AZW3 / 3.27 MB
AZW3 / 9.94 MB
AZW3 / 226.34 KB
Alices Adventures in Wonderland.azw3
AZW3 / 859.65 KB
AZW3 / 215.83 KB

AZW3 Mime Types